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My weblog "Philosophy by the Way"

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Henk bij de Weg                       

I am a sociologist and a philosopher. In November 1996 I obtained my doctorate with a thesis titled
De betekenis van zin voor het begrijpen van handelingen
(English title Meaning, Action, and Understanding; Kampen: Kok Agora 1996).

My main interests in the field of philosophy are the philosophy of the social sciences, epistemology and methodology, hermeneutics and analytical philosophy in general. I am especially interested in action theory and the philosophy of mind and themes like causes versus reasons and theories of truth. I am also fascinated by the works of Étienne de La Boétie and Michel de Montaigne.

In addition, I am interested in peace research, especially in non-violent popular movements, and in non-violence and non-violent action in general.

I am also a photographer. I take photographs of a variety of subjects, but mainly landscapes, city images and street photography. I use different types of cameras, both analogical and digital. My speciality is taking photos with a pinhole camera.

e-mail: henk@bijdeweg.nl

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Visit also my photo websites. Click HERE for my best photos and HERE for a wider selection.


My PhD thesis. For a summary click


The books costs 9,90 euros plus postage.
It can be ordered by sending an e-mail to


Hardlopen met mijn geest. Wie ben ik? Wat doe ik? (Running with my mind. Who am I?
What do I do?) contains a selection of my philosophical blogs, translated into Dutch.
For a summary and table of contents in Dutch and for ordering the book click  .
Paperback 18,95 euros plus postage outside the Netherlands.
As e-book only 9,00 euros !

Running with my mind?.
Who am I? What do I do?
English version of my  Hardlopen met mijn geest (see left). Available from Amazon.com and other Internet bookshops.
Paperback: $ 19,95 plus
post and package
Available from the author for 14.50 euros plus post and package.
For more information click

La Meuse - De Maas. Photos taken with pinhole camera showing towns on the River Meuse from its source in northeastern France till Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The book contains all 25 photos from my exhibition in Stenay, Franc, July 5 - Septembre 28, 2014. With texts, maps and explanaton of  pinhole camera in Dutch and French. The photos will not be available on my photo websites (with the exception of three photos).
Price 26,75 euro plus postage. For ordering the book send
an e-mail to


Publications: Philosophy             back to contents

  • Over emancipatie en planning, Utrecht, 1975 (published on my own) (English title: On emancipation and planning)
  • Waarheidstheorieën en hun relaties. In: Intermediair 1976/6, pp. 41-45 (English title: "Truth theories and their relations").
  • De mogelijkheid van waarheid. In: Intermediair 1979/22, pp. 41-45 (English title: "The possibility of truth").
  • Wetenschap als methode. De ontwikkeling van methode als grondslag van kennis in de sociale wetenschappen, Den Dolder, 1988 (published on my own) (English title: Science as method. The development of method as foundation of knowledge in the social sciences)
  • De betekenis van zin voor het begrijpen van handelingen , Kok Agora, Kampen 1996. (English title: Meaning, Action, and Understanding.) 
  • summary
  • Is het verbeteren van een wereldrecord een handeling? In: Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, 1997/4, pp. 282-291 (English title: (Is breaking a world record an action?).summary  *)
  • Dretske and the causality of reasons summary  and full text   *)
  • The commonsense conception and its relation to philosophy In: Philosophical Explorations 2001/1, pp. 17-30 summary and full text  *)
  • Explaining consciousness and the duality of method summary and full text  *)
  • Reason and the structure of Davidson's "Desire-Belief Model" summary and full text  *)
  • Can a person break a world record? summary and full text *)
  • Review of Berent Enç, How we act. Causes, reasons, and intentions, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2003. In: Philosophical Psychology, 2005/6, pp. 797-800.
  • Montaigne Bibliography text  About 1800 titles with secundary literature on Montaigne and his essays.  !!!!  NEW About 80 titlles added. NEW !!!!
  • Reis naar Montaigne text
  • Roads to philosophy. Click here for photos of philosophy streets and roads.
  • Un art moyen? Un art philosophique! In: Harry van den Berg, Ewald Engelen, Yolande Jansen (ed.), Het gelaagde denken. Essays voor Veit Bader, F&N Eigen Beheer, Amsterdam, 2009; pp. 98-102. Full text of the book, including my article: http://dare.uva.nl/document/172041
  • La Boétie Bibliography tekst 300 titles with secundary literature on La Boétie and his work.
  • Hardlopen met mijn geest. Wie ben ik? Wat doe ik? Free Musketerrs, Zoetermeer, 2012 
    For a summary and the table of contents in Dutch click  . The book can be ordered by clicking here.
  • Graceful ageing within bodily limitations.
  • Running with my mind. Who am I? What do I do?, Publish America, Baltimore, 2013 It is the English version of my book Hardlopen met mijn geest (see above).For a summary of the book and the table of contents, click . Here you find also information how to order the book.
  • De macht van woorden. Simone Weil (1909-1943). volledige tekst
  • Collective Intention and Individual Action. summary  full text. *)
  • What is true. Gettier cases and the problem of truth full text  *)
    *) These articles can also be downloaded in PDF from academia.edu

Publications: Peace Research and Non-violence         back to contents

  • Review of A.A. Klumper Sociale verdediging en Nederlands verzet '40-'45, Gianotten, Tilburg, 1983, in: Civilian-Based Defense: News & Opinion, 1990/4, pp. 8-9.
  • Lessons to be learned from Eastern Europe. In: Civilian-Based Defense: News & Opinion, 1991/2, pp. 3-5. full text
  • Bleiker, Helvey en Schell en de macht van het volk. Een literatuurbeschouwing. The text is in Dutch but there is a summary in English. summary (followed by the text in Dutch) *)
  • Non-violent resistance and repressive regimes. summary  and full text *)
  • La Boétie Bibliography text 300 titles of secundary literature on La Boétie and his work. Some new titles added.
  • Geweldloos verzet en repressieve regimes. Slightly abbreviated Dutch version of Non-violent resistance and repressive regimes (see above). Also in the web magazine Samen voor Vrede .
  • Nonviolence and power. A study about the importance of power relations for nonviolent action and resistancesummary and full tekst *)
  • Non-violent resistance and the properties of states. A preliminary study.summary and full tekst  *)

      *) These articles can be downloaded in PDF from academia.edu         

     See for Dutch articles on peace research and non-violence the Dutch section

Publications: Other subjects         back to contents

  • Полиглот. Знать 12 языков (Polyglot. Knowing 12 languages). In: Биржа плюс Карьера (Birzha Plus Karjera), no.4, 30.01.2008 (in Russian) http://www.birzhaplus.ru/kariera/?33528.
  • Voyage to Nagasaki tekst

Photo Exhibitions:                      back to contents

  • Already as a schoolboy I have taken part in a photo exhibition.
  • FotoExpo 202, Amersfoort, the Netherlands, October 16-17, 2004:  Landscapes near Ankeveen.
  • Taking part in "Kunst uit Eigen Provincie" (Art from your Own Province), Bilthoven, the Netherlands, December 20, 2006 - January 4, 2007: Reflections Upside Down.
  • Taking part in "Kunst uit Eigen Provincie" (Art from your Own Province), Bilthoven, the Netherlands, December 17, 2008 - January 2, 2009: Reflections Straight.
  • Taking part in "Kunst uit Eigen Provincie" (Art from your Own Province), Bilthoven, the Netherlands, December 22, 2010 - January 6, 2011: River Towns and River Villages. Black and white pictures taken with a pinhole camera.
  • Taking part in "Kunst uit Eigen Provincie" (Art from your Own Province), Bilthoven, the Netherlands, December 21, 2011 - January 6, 2012: Double serie: Arrival of a ferry near Flakk, Norway / Departure of a ferry from Newcastle, England.
  • Maria Christina Church, Den Dolder, the Netherlands, September 28-29, 2013: Different faces of my work.
  • Capitainerie, Stenay (Meuse, France) July 5 - September 13: Towns and villages on the Meuse. Pictures with pinhole camera. My contribution to the International Art Project VALDART 2014 in and the surrounding area. For more information on VALDART 2014 click hier (Dutch) or here (French).
    There is also a book available with the photos of my exhibition (in Dutch and French; see above).
  • Office building Fornheselaan 118, Den Dolder, September 6-7, 2014: Different faces of my work
  • Taking part in "Kunst uit Eigen Provincie" (Art from your Own Province), Bilthoven, the Netherlands, December 17, 2014 - January 1, 2015  Towns and  Villages on the Meuse. Pictures taken with a pinhole camera.
  • One of the participants in the art project "Snuffelstraat/Overstraat" in Amerongen, the Netherlands: a permanent art route till the end of 2015. Every month 2-4 photos by me in the windows of Overstraat 10, Amerongen.
  • De Maaskamer, Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Towns and villages on the Meuse. Pictures with pinhole camera. From May 17 till September 29 2015.
  • Hospice Heuvelrug, Arnhemsebovenweg 80, Zeist, the Netherlands: Reflections. Photos in Colour. From August 31, 2015, till January 22, 2016.
  • Prins Alexanderweg 84A, Huis ter Heide (Zeist), the Netherlands, September 26-27, 2015: "Work in progress". An impression of current photo projects.
  • Taking part in "Kunst uit Eigen Provincie" (Art from your Own Province), Bilthoven, the Netherlands, December 23, 2015 - January 1, 2016: Open spaces. Photos in black and white.
  • The "White Church", Amersfoortseweg 47, Huis ter Heide (Zeist), the Netherlands, September 24-25: "Windows" and "Open spaces".
  • Sint-Monulphus and Gondulphus Church in Maasmechelen (Belgium), June 30 till July 30: "Towns and villages on the Meuse. Pictures with pinhole camera".
  • COMING. Tennisclub Bosch en Duin, Dennenweg 6, Bosch en Duin (Zeist), September 23-24 2017: "Photos around Den Dolder".

First World War                               back to contents

See for photos of sites and monuments of the First World War  the Dutch section




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