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Is het verbeteren van een wereldrecord een handeling?
(Is breaking a world record an action?)
In: Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte, 1997/4, pp. 282-291


Starting from the intriguing question, whether breaking a world record is an action the present paper discusses some aspects of Filip Buekens’s book De mens en zijn intenties (Pelckmans/Kok Agora, Kapellen/Kampen, 1994). It is argued a distinction has to be made between an action, a non-intentional deed and a piece of behaviour. Then it is stressed that what an actor does is also subject to the judgment of this deed by other persons. A third aspect discussed is the relation between an action and its intention.

The article is followed by a reply by Filip Buekens and an evaluation of the duscussion by Guy Widdershoven.